Glasses, as a problem that can not only correct the vision, but also become fashionable accessories, playing an important role in modern society. As a world-renowned glasses brand, cheap Ray-Ban is highly praised for its unique design and high quality. This article will explore the historical background, iconic design, technological innovation of cheap Ray Ban sunglasses, and its position in the fashion industry.


1. The historical background of knockoff Ray Ban glasses


The Ray-Ban brand was established in 1937. It was originally a professional pilot sunglasses designed for the US Air Force pilot. Its design was inspired by the problem of being dazzling sunlight at the high altitude. It requires a glasses that can provide full protection and maintain a good vision. Ray Ban glasses quickly became the first choice for pilots with their excellent performance and excellent quality.


2. iconic design


Pilot style


The most iconic design of Ray Ban sale is the Aviator (pilot style) glasses. It is famous for its unique metal frame and large flat lenses. The Aviator style not only provides an excellent vision, but also gives the wearer a sense of confidence and fashion. It became the favorite of Hollywood stars in the late 1950s and gradually became popular globally.


Musician style


Wayfarer (traveler) style is another classic design of Ray Ban. It came out in the 1950s and became a symbol of rock music and popular culture. The WayFarer style is loved by its heavy black plastic frame and unique shapes. Since then, countless musicians and fashion idols have chosen to wear Wayfarer styles to make it an eternal fashion symbol.


Third, technological innovation


Ray Ban glasses are not only different in design, but also at the forefront of the times in terms of technological innovation.


G-15 lens


Ray Ban created G-15 lens technology in the 1950s. This lens is famous for its unique green color tone. It can filter out most of the blue light, so that the eyes can be better protected in strong sunlight, and provide real and natural visual effects.


Advanced optical technology


Ray Ban has been committed to providing excellent optical performance. They use advanced lens manufacturing technology and accurate optical schools to ensure that each pair of glasses can provide a clear and transparent vision and reduce eye fatigue and discomfort.


Fourth, the fashion status of Ray Ban glasses


Ray Ban glasses not only have a technical leading position, but also enjoy a high reputation in the fashion industry.


Hollywood darling


Ray Ban glasses quickly became popular in the late 1950s, and many Hollywood stars became its loyal fans. From Malone Bai Landu to Audrey Hepburn, from Tom Cruise to Brad Pitt, countless stars choose to wear Ray Ban glasses in movies or daily life, and use it as a must -have for fashion accessories. Essence


Symbol of Popular Culture


Ray Ban glasses have become a symbol of popular culture, and are favored by musicians and fashion idols. From rock bands to hip -hop artists, from popular idols to fashion bloggers, they all choose to wear Ray Ban glasses to show their personality and fashion attitude.


in conclusion:


Fake Ray-Ban glasses have become the leaders of the global glasses market with their unique design, high-quality manufacturing and sustainable technological innovation. Its classic styles, such as Aviator and Wayfarer, have become synonymous with fashion, whether in Hollywood or in popular culture, it plays an important role. Ray Ban glasses are not only a vision correction tool, but also a way of fashion statement and personality expression. Whether you are pursuing a classic style or fashion trend, Ray Ban glasses can meet your needs and bring you a distinctive charm.