Welcome to Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses Online Store. www.fakeraybanwholesale.com Buy Cheap Knockoff Ray Bans with Wholesale Price , Excellent Quality and Free Shipping.With more and more people are crazy at sunglasses, some problems are gradually appeared that we should not ignored. The popularity of Ray Ban sunglasses is out of our imagination, and for a surfeit of people use them in an appropriate way, a number of people get some syndromes without realization. There is a enunciation called sunglasses syndrome, and it is a syndrome many people are likely to have especially those wears sunglasses in a wrong way.

     To block the sunlight, people would like to put on a cheap Ray Ban sunglasses in the summer. But it is not the point why some people get sunglasses syndrome, and the reason is that they photochromic glasses to replace the ordinary glasses and wear them day and night to cause the eyes tired. What’s more, many young people are addicted to the sunglasses thus wearing them no matter where they are and even at night. And those doings could damage the eyes and the vision could be worse. Some bad condition would come to us, such as vague vision, headache, dizziness and so on. What’s more is that certain people would feel the tingling sensation around the nose and eyes, and the feeling could be described as that lots of ants are crawling on the face. That’s not the all, in addition, some people even could get the felling of numbness in the mouth.

     People would wonder why this syndrome would appear? That is because the weight of Ray Ban sunglasses would oppress the nervi infraorbitalis so that the innervation will be distorted thus causing the uncomfortable felling to us.

     When it comes to the prevention toward the Ray Ban sunglasses syndrome, there are several advice to everyone, especially those who love sunglasses very much. First, as for Asians, we should avoid choosing sunglasses with big spectacles frame, because those sunglasses are mainly designed for the people who are not Asians. Those sunglasses is not suitable for Asians, for inter ocular distance of Asians are normally are not consistent with those cheap Ray Ban sunglasses so that it would intensify the adjustment burden on our eyes. Second, shortening the time of wearing sunglasses is necessary. And it’s essential to knead thews around the nose and eyes to ease the eyes after taking off the sunglasses. And if you feel very uncomfortable you should stop wearing it and it’s better to go to the hospital.

     Although Ray Ban sunglasses indeed is fashionable, taking care of our eyes is not a joke but a serious task for everyone.Ray Ban Outlet - Cheap Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale Online. Buy Knockoff Ray Bans with Excellent Quality and Best Service.