Sunglasses have always been an indispensable fashion accessory. It can not only protect eyes from ultraviolet damage, but also add a lot of color to wear. Among the many brands of sunglasses, Ray-Ban has been highly respected for its unique design and excellent quality. This article will explore the history, design characteristics, and why they have always been popular.


Ray Ban sunglasses history


The history of Ray Ban sunglasses dates back to 1937, when the U.S. Air Force pilots needed a sunglasses that could protect their eyes from high -altitude ultraviolet radiation damage. Ray Ban's founder, American pilot, John A. Macream, and Lieuwe Van Der Woude jointly developed a kind of "Anti-GLARE" (Anti-GLARE). To solve this problem. This sunglasses use a special lens coating to effectively reduce the dazzling strength of the sunlight, and at the same time protect the eyes from ultraviolet damage. This design is popular among pilots, and gradually evolved into the Ray Ban sunglasses we are familiar with today.


Ray Ban's first commercial sunglasses, the "Ray Ban pilot" we call today, came out in 1936. It has the iconic metal frame and green lenses. This sunglasses not only have excellent functionality, but also give people a sense of fashion. Over time, Ray Ban launched a series of different styles of sunglasses, each of which was carefully carved in design, quality and protection.


Ray Ban sunglasses design characteristics


The design characteristics of Ray Ban sunglasses can be described as unique. The iconic elements include:


Classic Framework: The classic framework design of Ray Ban sunglasses has always been sought after. The Ray Ban pilot and Mrs. Wayfarer are the two most famous styles. Their design is both classic and stylish. The pilot -style metal frame and large lens are suitable for various faces, while Mrs. Weiya has more retro charm, suitable for those who like to be full of personality.


High -quality materials: Ray Ban sunglasses are made of high -quality materials to ensure its durability and comfort. The framework is usually made of metal or plastic. The lens uses high -quality glass or plastic materials, which has excellent scratching and cracking resistance.


Excellent lens technology: Ray Ban's lens is carefully designed to provide excellent visual experience. Not only can it effectively block harmful ultraviolet rays, but also reduce glare and increase clarity. In addition, some Ray Ban sunglasses also use Aurora lens technology, making the lens show different colors in different light and enhance fashion.


Iconic LOGO: Each Ray Ban sunglasses have the iconic logo of Ray Peng. This small detail makes it easy to recognize and become one of the symbols of fashion.


Ray Ban sunglasses popular reasons


The reason why Ray Ban sunglasses have always been popular are many aspects, including:


Protection performance: The lens of the Ray Ban sunglasses is not only beautiful, but also provides excellent ultraviolet protection, which effectively reduces the risk of eye injury. Whether it is outdoor or driving a car, you can rely on Ray Peng sunglasses to protect your vision.


Classic and stylish: Ray Ban sunglasses have both classic design elements, but also keep up with the trend of fashion. This balance makes RAY BAN sunglasses apply for various occasions, from leisure to formal, can be perfectly matched.


Excellent quality: Ray Ban has always insisted on providing excellent quality, and its sunglasses have maintained excellent performance at the same time. This makes Ray Ban sunglasses a long -term investment, not just a temporary fashion product.