Every famous brand will has its historical roots. The Cheap Ray–Ban sunglasses also have the interesting story.

  During the second world war , the American pilots in leather jackets often wore a pair of exquisite and novel sunglasses when they went to many countries and regions in the world. Therefore , they gave the heroic and handsome image on the people. It is true that the sunglasses worn by the American pilots are Ray–ban sunglasses. What’s more , people who is high-headed also feels very proud for himself if he wear a pair of Ray-ban sunglasses up to now.

  In 1936 , the Bausch&Lomb company introduced the Ray Ban sunglasses to the general public. However , according to the early sales , the general public were not interested in the Ray-ban sunglasses. Even though the situation was so bad , the company did not give up it at all. Through their analysis and research , they changed a little things about the cheap Ray-ban sunglasses. In the end , when the replica Ray-ban sunglasses were pushed into the market , to everyone’s surprise , the fake Ray-ban sunglasses not only had very high sales , but also became the most popular and the best-selling goods at that time.

  At that moment , it was said that almost every man had a pair of cheap Ray Ban sunglasses in the U.S.A. In their opinion , it will show their masccline temperament by wearing a pair of Ray-ban sunglasses. Little by little , the Miss and ladies wore the Ray-ban sunglasses ,too. And it has been proven that the Ray-ban sunglasses not only are suitable for the men , the ladies also had the another flavor and color by wearing them. In a word , it will show that the ladies are very charming.

  As a matter of fact , the Ray-Ban sunglasses are concerned with the soldiers. In 1920 , the U.S. air force commissioned the company to develop a kind of goggles which aimed at the pilots. The goggles are specially dealing with the dazzling glare. A few years later , the first pair of sunglasses which their lenses are green appeared in the world. The goggles can prevent the dazzling glare and ultraviolet ray. 

 In 1930 , the goggles which were produced by the Bausch&Lomb company were officially classified as a special item by the U.S. air force. In 1936 , the company put the sunglasses into the market. And in 1937 , it was renamed Ray-ban!

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