In the days of the sun, a pair of high -quality sunglasses can not only protect our eyes, but also show fashion taste. With its unique design, excellent quality and world-class reputation, cheap Ray Ban sunglasses have become the classic choice of the fashion industry. This article will deeply explore the historical origin, excellent quality of fake Ray Ban sunglasses, and its influence in the fashion industry.


Ray-Ban's historical origin


The Ray-Ban brand was founded in 1937 and was originally a professional sunglasses designed for the US Air Force pilot. Its goal is to provide comfortable, durable and powerful glasses to meet the pilot's demand for protecting the eyes in high -altitude environment. After continuous technological innovation and design improvement, Ray-Ban has gradually won the trust of the army and the people, and has become the preferred brand in the minds of many people.


Representative of classic style


Ray-Ban sunglasses are famous for their unique design and classic styles. The most representative styles include Aviator and WayFarer. The Aviator series has become a symbolic pilot glasses with its bold mirror frames and double bridges. Its simple and classic appearance has been loved by countless fashion enthusiasts. The WayFarer series has been highly respected with its unique outline and retro style, becoming the favorite of rock stars and fashion icons. The birth of these classic styles has made Ray-Ban sunglasses a symbol of immortality.


Excellent quality and technology


Ray-Ban sunglasses are not only unique in design, but also known for their excellent quality and technology. They use high -quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure the durability and comfort of glasses. Its high -quality lens has excellent ultraviolet function and can effectively protect the eyes from the damage to the sun. In addition, Ray-Ban is also committed to continuous innovation and launched a series of products with advanced technologies, such as light adjustment lenses and polarizing lenses to meet the needs of different people.


Ray-Ban's influence in the fashion industry


Replica Ray Ban sunglasses have won the respect and pursuit of countless fashion circles with their classic and fashion. They have become the iconic accessories of many celebrities and stars, often appearing in movies, music, and fashion activities. Whether on the screen or on the streets, we can see people wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses to show their personal style and fashion attitude. This influence is not only reflected in the popular fashion choices, but also has a profound impact in the field of fashion design, inspiring many brands to pursue classics and quality.

Ray Ban sunglasses sale have become the leaders of the fashion industry with their classic style, excellent quality and world-class reputation. Their design not only meets people's demand for sunglasses, but also leads the trend in the fashion field. Whether it is the classic Aviator series or the retro WayFarer series, Ray-Ban sunglasses have always attracted global consumers with their excellent quality and unique design. Let's put on Ray-Ban sunglasses, feel the fashion and quality it brings, and show self-confidence and style.

As a tool, the main purpose is to protect, assist eyes or decorative effects, such as myopia, polarizing mirror, sunglasses, goggles, and so on. With the wave of intelligence, cheap Ray Ban sunglasses will be given more functions.

Facebook's first smart glasses in collaboration with Ray Ban: Ray-Ban Stories, which was officially released today, also let us see the transformation of intelligent wearing in the direction of wearing from the wrist to the head.

Product positioning: camera, sharing, listening

Many people think of this smart glasses first is BOSE, Huawei's audio glasses, and Snap's camera glasses. Indeed, in terms of functionality, Ray-Ban Stories is more like a combination of the two. The main selling point is: taking pictures, sharing, listening.

In other words, it can take pictures through glasses, complete sharing on the mobile APP, and can call and listen to music through the built -in open speakers. Of course, it also has decorative effects as glasses, such as optional multiple color mirror frames and lenses.

The function of this glasses is very clear. At present, Ray Ban has found some sports bloggers, music bloggers, and bloggers in special industries to promote.

Although there is no AR display function, it can already be regarded as a miniaturized head computing center, and also laid the foundation for Facebook's research on smart wear, especially Facebook has clearly explicitly under the strategy of AR and VR development.

Integration of intelligent wearable

The launch of Ray-Ban Stories also means that on the road of intelligent wearable evolution, it has been transferred from wrist to head.

In the consumer -level market, the development of intelligent wearables has been a set of facts from early smart bracelets to smart watches, TWS headphones, and smart glasses.

The wearable on the wrist has gone through a round of shuffling. The original bracelets are basically functions such as record steps and heart rate. Now they are also increasingly richer, such as NFC and QR code payment. The same is true of smart watches, more comprehensive functionality, and more comprehensive sports health tracking and biological monitoring, such as ECG, or ESIM networking functions, are also incorporated.

The popularity of TWS is indeed very fast. One of the keys to its rapid rise is that it is extremely convenient and the price is rapid. Of course, the main users are audio and interaction with smartphones, such as smart voice assistants wake up.

In the glasses, early Google Glasses had taken pictures and display functions, because the product was too far ahead of market demand, and the privacy issues that were more concerned were increasingly strong, resulting in no popularity in the end.

SPECTACLES 3 smart glasses

As a social factory on Snap, the main purpose of Spectacles glasses launched in 2016 is to facilitate taking pictures and sharing. Although privacy issues in the background of social networking are not strong at the time, but still end because of the product positioning too single. Of course, Snap is now the same as AR glasses and frequent actions. It is also trying to compete for the future intelligent wearable market with technological giants such as Facebook and Apple.

Bose AR smart glasses

At the same time, Bose and Huawei launched smart audio glasses. Compared with Spectacles, they focus on audio.

Of course, compared to smart bracelets, watches, TWS headphones, and headsets, wearing smart glasses are still a niche product. Therefore, challenges are not easier for more smart glasses and AR glasses than smartphones.

Ray Ban outlet purchase strategy: how to choose knockoff Ray Ban sunglasses

Sunglasses are generally black, which is relatively single. The color and style of sunglasses are richer. Sunglasses cannot effectively protect the eyes to resist ultraviolet rays, only suitable for accessories, but sunglasses can.

The role of a pair of sunglasses

It can absorb and reflect ultraviolet light, which can prevent the skin around the eyes from being disturbed by ultraviolet rays and prevent aging of the skin around the eyes (professional perspective);

Reduce the burden of ciliary muscles in the eyes in strong light and reduce the damage of light;

Prevent sand and dust particles from entering human eyes, protecting the eyes from harm;

Cool, as decorative accessories, wear clothing;

Can cover dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Choose according to the face shape

The most important step of choosing your own sunglasses is to confirm your face first! Choose your own sunglasses or sunglasses according to your face shape, so that you can even highlight your personal temperament!

Round face

Asian people have a lot of round faces, belonging to the type with a short face, the cheek lines are round, there is no edges and corners, it looks very young, and the collagen is full.

The idea of ​​round -faced girls to pick sunglasses can start from the perspective of square complementarity. Select some square or square sunglasses, and use relatively tough lines to modify.

Suitable: square, cat's eye -shaped, pilots

Avoid: round shape; the shape between square circles; the large and small styles are more likely to highlight the round face.

Square face

The jawbone is wide, and the square face is not easy to pick sunglasses. To avoid the shape of the alien frame, because the outline of the face is obvious, you need to choose a round -style frame to soft the face lines. Choose a moderate frame type to make the face line softer. The shape should not be too small, and it cannot be too narrow and too thin. If it is too thin, it will look long.

Suitable: travelers, pilots, oval, cat's eyes

Avoid: round, square sunglasses, small circles

Long face

To avoid making the face look longer, a frame with a large width will make the face look narrower, and the visual vision of the disguised disguise is recommended. It is recommended to choose a round or curved mirror with a moderate wide and narrow. Instead of obvious, slightly thick mirror legs can weaken the slenderness of the long face; in addition, the large frame can make the face look round.

Suitable: Pilot, Wayfarers, upper and lower wide -mirror -based sunglasses.

Avoid: square, should not wear a lens too small and too narrow sunglasses, otherwise it will look longer.

Goose face

The ellipse -like face shape has no sharp chin or jawbone. This face shape brings comfortable visual experience, and this face shape is better to choose sunglasses. The chin is relatively round and cannot be expressed, so it is suitable for sunglasses styles with a wide frame and a outline.

Suitable: If you have the perfect oval face, all types of sunglasses/sunglasses are suitable, as long as you like it, you can buy it!

Avoid: not good -looking sunglasses.

Heart -shaped face/melon seed face

The heart -shaped face, the chin itself is a relatively narrow face, it is Asian's favorite face shape. This face shape is more selective than when choosing the sun. Exaggerated eye -catching style! The chin tip of the melon seeds should not be too hard to choose the frame of the frame. Use a soft line to decorate the sharp face shape.

Suitable: Wayfarer, Aviator, Retro Round, Cat Eye Cat Eye.

Avoid: oversized, bow -shaped, square.


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Every model in the Ray-Ban collection is the product of meticulous, original styling that translates the best of the latest fashion trends into an ever-contemporary look for millions of Ray-Ban wearers around the world. From the early Aviator style that emerged in 1937 to the introduction of the classic Wayfarer in 1952, Ray-Ban is a brand that embodies America, adventure, great cities, wide-open spaces, heroism, individuality, and authenticity.

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Fake Ray Bans allows you to choose from a rainbow of frame colors including, classic black or tortoise frames. These Ray-Ban glasses are designed to offer an easy fit with a high level of visual clarity and protection. The glass lenses help protect your eyes against harmful UV rays and have been coated with 100% UV protection. Ray-Ban glasses are comprised of precision-cut lenses that reduce eye strain when worn.

Every model in the knockoff Ray Bans collection is the product of meticulous, original styling that translates the best of the latest fashion trends into an ever-contemporary look for millions of Ray-Ban wearers around the world. From the early Aviator style that emerged in 1937 to the introduction of the classic Wayfarer in 1952, Ray-Ban is a brand that embodies America, adventure, great cities, wide-open spaces, heroism, individuality, and authenticity.