Sunglasses, can protect the eyes from strong light. Strong sunlight contains a lot of ultraviolet and infrared rays, which may damage the cornea, lens, and even the fundus of the eye. If you wear a pair of cheap ray ban sunglasses, you can block or absorb part of the light, thereby reducing irritation to the eyes. In recent years, due to everyone's emphasis on health, many people like to wear sunglasses when going out in hot summer to reduce the stimulation of the sun. Of course, some people also like to use it as a decoration. In the end, everyone should choose according to different needs.

Color fake ray ban sunglasses mainly rely on their own absorption of light to achieve the purpose of reducing the intensity of sunlight. Different coloring compounds are added to the glass to make sunglasses of different colors, and they absorb different wavelengths of light waves. The gray glass lenses absorb almost the same amount of light of various colors in the sun. Wearing this lens can block ultraviolet and infrared rays, while the color of the external environment does not change, only the light intensity changes, like cloudy days, cool and comfortable a feeling of. Green lenses have better anti-infrared and ultraviolet performance. Since the eyes are most sensitive to green, the vision is clearest when wearing green sunglasses and maintains a good sense of color. The brown lens has good UV protection, but the infrared protection is not as good as the green lens. The UV and IR protection of yellow lenses is similar to that of tan lenses. In addition, it has better performance in distinguishing red and green, and is suitable for distinguishing traffic signals and command signs.

Glass-coated knockoff ray ban sunglasses are coated with a layer of metal film on the glass lens, relying on the reflection of the lens to the sun to protect the eyes. Color-changing glass glasses, which are usually colorless and transparent indoors, quickly turn gray or other colors when exposed to sunlight. The color of the glasses can automatically darken or lighten according to the intensity of sunlight. The principle is that a small amount of silver halide is added as a sensitizer and a small amount of copper sensitizer in the color-changing glasses. This self-adjusting shading lens can be ground into a corrective lens with a degree, which is suitable for patients with myopia and hyperopia. Unfortunately, its degree cannot exceed 300 degrees, because the thickness of the center and the edge varies greatly due to the increase of the degree. , the color shades of the glasses vary greatly.

Humans live in the sun for a long time, and glasses have adapted to the surrounding environment, and do not need protection in daily life. However, if you work outdoors for a long time, it is still beneficial to wear a pair of sunglasses, but it should also be selected according to the nature of the work and the environment.