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A pair of beloved Ray Ban sunglasses is always addictive, sometimes if your friends and family see if, they could help to try it on. Try it on and get a compliment, you will be very proud of it, but you may have some worry like what if others break your Ray Ban sunglasses? Although you do not want to behave stingy, but you can't say that you are not even a little selfish about it? Oh, don't get so serious, I am just kidding, if so, we are in the heart of a gentleman's belly.

There is a slogan called "you cannot stop temptation of the sun", however best cheap Ray Ban sunglasses can you withstand the harsh sunlight while remain the beauty of it, and withstand dust everywhere, let you free and active in the sun. But you may have thought: your beloved authentic Ray Ban sunglasses have devoted it to protect you from the dusty distinctions but leaves dust on it. So to keep it clean and nice, you have to learn the scientific way to clean it, not only for daily care but also to give other people a better impression.

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In fact, the maintenance method of cheap Ray Bans is nothing special, almost the same as the maintenance of the myopia glasses, including the cleaning, folding and storing process, the only difference may be that we wear myopia glasses daily but sunglasses from time to time, and for most times, we put it up and down, which to some extent, will greatly injure the glasses. Therefore, to develop a good habit of storage is the best way to maintain Ray Ban sunglasses. The following details are worth noticing:

A. If the lens has a stain, grease or fingerprints, you may as well use the special accessories like the soft cotton cloth or special lens paper to remove dust or dirt on it. After cleaning, the lens cleaning agent should be used frequently. 

B. Do not use your hand or nail to wipe the dust, instead, please use a special soft cloth to wipe. If there are sands on the lens, please rinse it with water first, and then clean it with the glasses cloth or paper towel.

C. When wearing the glasses, please grasp the sunglasses feet and face off with both hands, otherwise it will easily lead to deformation, loosening of the frame and lens.

D. Do not put the glasses on the head, chest or collar while not in use which will accidentally fell down the ground.

E. Do not soak in the water or expose to the sun for a long time; do not put it near the electric appliance or the metals.

F. Do not put it randomly in the pocket or in the bag, or wherever you can put it. Do not let your Ray Ban sunglasses stay naked; it will inevitably get scratched, therefore, please put it in the special case that come packaged with it.

G. Do not put the cheap Ray Ban sunglasses on the dashboard or seats while driving a car, the sudden brake will easily wear the lenses, and a place where the temperature is too high will easy to cause deformation of the frame.

H. Do not face down the Ray-Ban sunglasses, on the contrary, remember to keep the glass face-up so as to avoid possible scratch and damage.

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