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  After the hot drama《The sun descended》,the Song Zhongji had became a national icon.And this drama talks about a sweet love with heroine.Many fans all love to see this,especial for Song Zhongji has also become the darling of the fashion world by crossing and using single items.Of course,that is the Ray Ban Pilot sunglasses!

   In fact,this cheap Ray Ban RB3025 pilot is Ray-Ban's classic Department,which is the classic series.Another,the RB3025 also its classic number.Ray-Ban's sunglasses are exquisitely made with no optical aberration,you will be not tired,headache and fatigue when you wear this after long time.Maybe this is its reason why there are so many people love it.What’s more,this one adapts Arista metal frame with green lens,and it has the light weight, good elasticity.Lens wide is 58mm , long leg is 135mm,welcome boys and girls to buy them!

   Maybe you will find there are some small things that you don’t know.For example,in a photograph taken on 1965,the astronaut from NASA of Charles Conrad and Gordon Cooper,they all stood side by side on the deck of the aircraft carrier.At that time,they had just completed the "Gemini 5 mission".And they all wore a pair of cheap fake Ray Ban sunglasses just others astronauts ."So simple like sunglasses items can be in their own way,which contributed to the great progress of mankind"

    “It is our honor to related with popular culture closely.It is also the important reason why this sunglasses are so hot.But the RB can’t stay in a particular era .You must know that it is because the past,present and future compose the RB sunglasses.Yeah,it is real like a book story,which stories had composed those RB.And it is also become our part of culture when it comes to this wearing cheap knockoff Ray-Ban's idol.Maybe you will be confused that did they choose us or did we choose them?I think it's a two-way street.But at the beginning,It is their spontaneous consciousness”It was said by Sarah Beniventi.

I can’t remember that there is one people said:“In addition to this,it has its big practical value.Yes,it is to hide people’s real eyes.It's real a pair of dark glasses that completely cover the face, don't they?However,we don’t them forever.”I am quite sure this is describe the cheap Ray Ban sunglasses.

Looking back,now,many people also entanglement of sunglasses polarization or not?as a matter of fact,it is more important to using the polarized sunglasses when it comes to driving.If you only pursuit the brand and quality and the promotion of fashion,the common style of Pilot are very suitable for you!But I am sure you can’t do like this!