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Take a look at this year's sunglasses big names,they all happened to introduce the irregular lens design,this season with the lens irregularity as the design inspiration,a traditional polygon line design instead of the previous round and smooth lines.Emphasis on cold, hard, cool feeling, might as well try this season irregular design hard and thick modern.

  Ray Ban sunglasses are not only a great weapon for fashion insider to dress up, but also protect their eyes and eyesight.Cool modeling reveals modernist spirit,smooth lines reveal your condensed connotation.The chic frame design outlandish and high-quality lenses,which can resist the light and protect your eyes.

  I would like to introduce you to other novel styles that are different from previous years.Childlike color is essential with naughty playful, colorful frame of sunglasses on the fashion stage.Whether it is dazzling emerald green,lovely red or modern sea blue,it is an essential fashion item in summer.Also,classic tortoiseshell,clams and other trendy elements, in this season's sunglasses market, Ray Ban is hot selling. 

  Next, introduce three different styles of Ray Ban sunglasses to create your stylish man.

  Firstly, handsome cat sunglasses

  Ran Bans cat sunglasses originated in the 1950s, male style has no obvious upturned corner of the eye, but from the lower edge of the arc and the end of the frame can be seen,which is a good product of handsome.

  This style of sunglasses have a little prickly, so color must be high-end, can not vulgar. Black, brown, coffee, desert yellow, amber, ink, purple, indigo are all good, but definitely not gorgeous!No matter how high the color is,it is not suitable for a stable man.It is only suitable for a young, rebellious and tender man.

  Secondly,the soul of hippie-grandma sunglasses

  The film and television works give us the impression that Grandma sits in a rocking chair with a printed blanket on her leg, a book or knitting on her lap, Ray Ban sunglasses have with a round gold edge.The retro hippie grandmother Ray Ban sunglasses evolved from her grandmother's  sunglasses.Dark round lenses showed a rebellious personality,and the tapering frame also highlighted some sharp wave-setting temperament.

  Thirdly,born obedient fashion scholar half-frame sunglasses

  Half-frame sunglasses retain the quality of sunglasses,elegant academic temperament, but also have a lively sense of fashion.There are more changes in the color of the frame with dark brown lenses and gold wire as a classic.These sunglasses should be of moderate size,too large or too small to make you look restrained.This sunglasses are also made up,it does not pick clothes,but a little bit of a pick-up.

  Do you like such a stylish Ray Ban sunglasses?

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